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Medicinal & Synthetic Chemistry

Chemical Synthesis and custom synthesis support is vital to the performance of chemical products made by the Chemical Industry. To implement a well-designed chemical synthesis program, we closely work with our sponsors in defining the protocol that works best on the performing tests, studies and experimentations on substances to be worked upon.

The advancement in chemistry and scientific research has helped us in our transition to adopting modern IT tools, specialized equipment and resources that also empower our efforts in performing feasibility of the samples before going for synthesis testing on large scale. When you outsource chemical synthesis to BioLink Lifesciences, we support you with diverse synthesis services:

  • Route-Scouting

  • Scaling-Up

  • Process Optimization

  • Lead Optimization

  • Hit optimization

And other advanced and complex synthesis services are performed by well-trained chemists and experienced professionals. With BioLink, you gain assurance of a DEA audited cGMP analytical chemistry laboratory that’s devoted to serving you the best chemical synthesis services.

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